What is WebRTC?

As an early adopter of WebRTC (Real-Time Communications) technology, Talk Fusion stands at the forefront of what experts are calling the most meaningful breakthrough in communications. WebRTC sets a higher standard by allowing users to communicate directly through the web browser.

Not only does WebRTC simplify online communications; it also brings audio and video quality to never-before-seen levels, making it easier than ever to connect, collaborate, work, and even share your screen and content with others.

The Benefits are Endless:

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Rich, better than HD audio and video quality
  • Eliminates the need for downloads, software updates, and third-party plugins
  • All you need is a web browser and an internet connection to connect
  • Fluidly adapts to your device
  • Significantly reduces costs for users and developers

WebRTC and You

WebRTC provides the instant responses that we have come to expect: imagine if you could reach a friend, customer, coworker, client, or service representative with just the touch of a button. That is the “click-to-connect” future WebRTC creates, and it won’t be long until this disruptive technology becomes a key part of our daily lives.

Talk Fusion has taken a forerunner approach and has incorporated WebRTC into our conferencing platforms, video recorders, and more, opening the gateway to new possibilities for our valued customers and their contacts. We hope that you enjoy being ahead of the curve with WebRTC just as much as we do.

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